Maybe you're interested in learning to drive with me but need more information about my prices.





    1 Hour lesson, rate £22

    1.5 Hour lesson, rate £30




    Block booking (paid in advance):

1. Standard: £205 (10 lessons)



    Offer 1- Beginner’s Lessons: £10.00 each (max 4 lessons) Lessons apply to first 2

                                              lessons and then 2 lessons required on day of driving test.

    Offer 2 –Beginner’s Block booking £165 (paid in advance): 10 lessons (First 8 lessons and then 2

                                                                       lessons required on day of driving test)

    Offer 3- Introductory Lessons from: £12 each (Conditions apply)



*Conditions Apply to discount and offer rates.        






In the event of cancelling a driving lesson I have to ask for 48 hours notice. If a lesson is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice I will charge you the cost of the lesson.


As an independant driving instructor I have to protect my income. If I have a minimum of 48 hours notice when you cancel a lesson I still have the opportunity to identify another student to fill the time slot concerned.


During a 4 week period, in September / October 2017, I suffered 16 late cancelled lessons, mostly on the day of the lesson. This had a significant effect on my business income and consequently on my personnel income.